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Keller Autism Treatment Center

ABA Therapy in Keller, TX

The Keller Treatment Center is located inside of the Harvest Christian Academy in Watauga. This location was established in 2013 and continues to grow! Keller is a great location because this center has a “kinder prep” room, which is designed to mimic a kindergarten classroom to prepare the clients for the school environment. Keller also has access to a public park, school playground, and gym. Some kids even eat lunch with the Harvest Christian Academy students!

Our treatment center is a fun and nurturing environment that helps build real life skills and meaningful treatment of the autism spectrum. We look forward to meeting your family at our Keller Autism Treatment center in Watauga!

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Keller Treatment Center

A Virtual Tour

Inside the Treatment Center

A Virtual Tour

Treatment Center Staff

Kirstie Hathaway, M.S., BCBA
Center Director

Kirstie is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and the Coordinator of the Keller Treatment Center. She graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Services and a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis and Therapy. Her clinical experiences include working with children with autism, adults with dementia, and adults with traumatic brain injury. Kirstie’s research experiences have focused on verbal behavior, preference assessments, problem solving, and decreasing maladaptive behaviors. Kirstie has presented several research posters at local and national conferences as well as participated in a research talk at ABAI, where she presented her thesis. Kirstie is also an active supervisor of RBTs and BCBA candidates. As the coordinator of the Keller Treatment Center, Kirstie conducts assessments, writes treatment plans, trains and supervises staff, conducts parent meetings, communicates with insurance companies as needed, and manages the center’s budget and supplies.

Outside of work, Kirstie enjoys spending time with her fiancé, Jake, and their daughter, Eleanor. She also enjoys binge watching Netflix, baking desserts, and listening to 80’s hair bands. Kirstie is proud to say that she has seen Bon Jovi in concert five times!

Klarett Castro
Clinical Operations Manager

Bio coming soon.

Giselle Polius
Business Manager

Gisselle Polius joined the BI team as the Business Manager shortly after graduating from Midwestern State University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. She is from the Caribbean Island of St. Lucia, West Indies and can speak a second language which is French Creole. She has 3+ years experience in Office Administration and has held various leadership roles throughout her life. She also has a passion for working with and helping others When she is not at work, you can find her at home whipping up a new recipe or finding new places to explore around town.

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