Compassionate ABA Therapy for Military Families

Tricare Approved ABA Provider

We understand that military families face unique challenges, especially when it comes to securing consistent, high-quality healthcare. That’s why we’re here, proud to be your TRICARE-approved provider for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy services. Our dedicated team is committed to delivering compassionate care rooted in evidence-based practices, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of your family.

Your service to our country deserves the highest level of care in return. Let us be your partners in fostering a life filled with possibilities for your child.

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Unlock Your Child’s Potential With Our Autism Experts

What You Need to Know

ABA Enrollment Process for Military Families with TRICARE

We understand that military families have unique requirements, especially when it comes to healthcare. Beginning October 1, 2021, new regulations require specific documentation for a definitive autism diagnosis before enrolling a beneficiary in the Autism Care Demonstration (ACD). Don’t worry, we’ve broken down the essentials for you:

Pre-Enrollment Requirements

  • DSM-5 Diagnostic Checklist: This checklist must accompany all ABA referrals from approved Primary Care Managers (PCMs) and specialists. Note: ABA providers cannot complete this form.
  • Assessment Tools: Along with the ABA referral, submit the results from one of the approved assessment tools, including:
    • Screening Tool for Autism in Toddlers and Young Children (STAT)
    • Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule-Second Edition (ADOS-2)
    • Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised (ADI-R)
    • Childhood Autism Rating Scale-Second Edition (CARS-2)
    • Gilliam Autism Rating Scale, Third Edition (GARS-3) (requires supplemental diagnostic documentation)

We’re committed to ensuring that your family transitions smoothly into our ABA therapy services, even as healthcare regulations evolve. Trust us to guide you through each step, so your child can continue to receive the compassionate, personalized care they deserve.

Approved Providers for Autism Diagnosis

Understanding who can diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and submit ABA referrals is crucial for military families navigating the healthcare landscape. Under the new guidelines, only approved Primary Care Managers (PCMs) and specialists are authorized to perform these essential tasks. Trust these professionals to provide accurate assessments and the necessary documentation, streamlining your family’s pathway to specialized ABA therapy.

TRICARE-Authorized Primary Care Managers (PCMs)

  • Pediatric family medicine
  • Pediatric physicians
  • Pediatric nurse practitioners

TRICARE-Authorized Specialized ASD-Diagnosing Providers

  • Physicians board-certified or board-eligible in:
  • Developmental behavioral pediatrics
  • Neurodevelopmental pediatrics
  • Child neurology
  • Child psychiatry
  • Doctoral-level licensed clinical psychologists
  • Board-certified DNPs who meet criteria

Frequently Asked Questions

TRICARE Insurance for ABA Therapy

We understand that military families have unique questions and concerns when it comes to securing ABA therapy through TRICARE. We’re here to provide clarity and make the process as seamless as possible for you and your family. Below, we’ve gathered some of the most asked questions.

 Yes, we are proud to be a TRICARE-approved provider. Our ABA therapy services align with TRICARE’s high standards of care, ensuring that military families receive quality treatment.

Absolutely. We’ll work closely with you to make the transition as smooth as possible, ensuring that there is no disruption to your child’s therapy.

You can confirm your benefits by contacting your TRICARE representative or by visiting the TRICARE website. We’re also here to assist you with this process and any paperwork involved.

Regardless of whether your child’s sponsor switches from TRICARE Prime to TRICARE Select or vice versa, the coverage and testing requirements for your child remain unchanged across all TRICARE plans. The only difference you’ll encounter is in the cost structure of the plan.

Your out-of-pocket expenses for ABA therapy are subject to a single copayment for all ABA services received on a given day, and these do contribute to your annual catastrophic cap. This cap is the maximum amount your family will pay in a year for TRICARE-covered services. Costs for other services will have their own separate copayments. The amount you owe can differ based on your specific TRICARE plan and whether you have additional health insurance.

ABA services performed by a behavior technician within the school environment are not covered under our plan. However, depending on a clinical necessity review, a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) may be authorized for specific, clinically necessary goals. We strongly recommend collaborating with your local school board for appropriate educational services. Please note that any BCBA-provided ABA services must be pre-authorized, and the goals should be approved by your contractor, focusing on specific and time-limited objectives.

Yes, you can switch between Behavioral Innovations centers if you are posted to another location.

Inquire About Autism Services at Behavioral Innovations

Give your child a strong foundation by choosing Behavioral Innovations for their ABA therapy needs. We’re deeply aware of the unique challenges military families encounter when navigating an autism diagnosis. Contact us to discover how our specialized ABA therapy services can make a meaningful difference for your child.


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