Autism 101

The world of autism can be a confusing and complicated journey. We’re here to help you better understand what autism is and why we believe in and practice ABA therapy.

What is Autism?

Finding out your child has a diagnosis of autism can be an unnerving experience. There’s no need to panic, however. Understanding what autism is and is not is an excellent first step.

A diagnosis of autism can mean many different things. Autism is a complex disorder that can be characterized by many various impairments in areas such as social skills, communication skills, interests, and activities. The onset of symptoms often appears before the age of three, so early intervention is vital as each child may display different signs of potential autism.

By combining early intervention with proven, successful treatment options such as ABA therapy, your child can take the first steps towards positive breakthroughs.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific, evidence-based discipline that strives to understand and improve socially significant behaviors.

ABA examines the interactions between people & their environment to determine the effects the environment has on a person’s behavior (the “why” a behavior occurs). Behavior Analysts systematically assess an individual’s behavior, develop objective goals, and a reliable measurement system to monitor progress. In clinical practice, ABA is used to teach new skills, improve performance in already acquired skills & decrease unwanted and challenging behaviors.

By utilizing an individualized treatment plan based on our BCBA assessment results, your child can begin to see improvements in the areas identified.

Why Us?

At Behavioral Innovations, we understand the complexity of the journey that each parent goes through, and we are here to help.

Many current staff members have children that are on the autism spectrum and thus have been in your shoes. We take that knowledge and experience and apply it to every aspect of the process. We are here to help guide you through each step, from understanding what autism is and how we practice ABA therapy for the betterment of your child. 

Our friendly team is here to provide support and answer questions as we guide you through the process of enrollment. 

“You and your crew did an amazing job! My wife and I are really, really happy with the results that we have seen in him. Thanks so much, God bless you and the Behavioral Innovations team.”

Michele S., Parent

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