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It’s our belief that the environment plays a pivotal role in developing, teaching, and maintaining skills, especially for children with autism. Our 70+ ABA therapy centers were designed with one goal – to provide a safe and nurturing space for children to address their unique learning and developmental needs.

For over two decades, we’ve been dedicated to supporting children and partnering with local providers. This experience has led us to develop autism treatment centers to serve specific challenges faced by children on the autism spectrum.

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Our Centers Feature

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A Tailored Approach

Our behavioral therapy center has expert-designed therapy rooms that adapt to your child’s individual learning needs, whether they require focus amid distractions or a space for concentrated learning. The therapy rooms are equipped with comfortable seating, calming colors, and natural lighting. Each room is carefully designed to provide an ideal environment for learning and growth. Our experienced therapists are on hand to provide personalized guidance and support.

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Learning Through Play

Our center offers engaging, age-appropriate learning experiences for children, using a range of technology and toys to facilitate both one-on-one and peer interactions. We focus on the development of physical, cognitive, and social skills through play-based learning. Our programs are tailored to the individual needs of each child, ensuring a safe and nurturing environment. We also provide opportunities for parents to become involved in the learning process.

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Safety First

We prioritize safety through secure, easily accessible cleaning supplies for staff and rigorous protocols, ensuring a secure environment for children and families. We regularly review our protocols and make adjustments as needed. We also conduct safety audits to ensure our protocols are being followed. We provide staff with training to ensure they are aware of the latest safety standards.

Feature Highlights at Most of Our Centers

Our centers are designed with your family’s needs in mind, offering a range of specialized features for a seamless and effective therapy experience. Make the most of our:

  • Secure, spacious area: We employ multiple security measures to guarantee the safety of your child at our centers.
  • Drop-off zone and suite access: Experience smooth drop-offs in a special area that seamlessly leads your child into our therapy suites.
  • Specialized sensory rooms: Utilize a specialized room for developing motor skills and sensory regulation.
  • Parent observation rooms: Keep track of your child’s progress and communicate openly with therapists.

By offering these features, we strive to create an environment where learning can thrive, always keeping your child’s individual needs at the forefront. Welcome to our family, where your child’s progress is our passion.

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Hear From Our Families

We love BI!! They worked with my daughter, and she was completely prepared to start kindergarten. All the staff have been great!
M. Saelee October, 2023
Can’t say enough about them. We have seen improvements in our son. The staff genuinely care for these young ones who need so much care. Thank you for your patience and loving our children.
J. Karoki September, 2022
Saying that this place is wonderful wouldn’t be enough to describe how I feel about Behavioral innovations. My daughter has only been going for 5 […]
Saying that this place is wonderful wouldn’t be enough to describe how I feel about Behavioral innovations. My daughter has only been going for 5 months, and she’s a different child. Meltdowns have almost disappeared; her speech and confidence have developed. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your great work and dedication. For us, there’s a before and after BI. Thank you!
C. L. August, 2022

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Your child deserves the best. When you notice they are struggling with managing their behaviors or need help building skills that will prepare them for success in the future, enrolling them in ABA therapy may be the best solution. Come to our specialized therapy centers to help your child with autism receive personalized care and support as they grow their independence.

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