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Compassionate ABA Therapy

At the heart of our mission lies a simple but powerful principle: compassionate, functional care that honors the voice of each child we serve.

We understand that every child’s needs are unique, every family’s goals are special, and every journey is one of collaboration and trust.

As leaders in this field, we appreciate the vital role you play in the wellness ecosystem and invite you to join us in a collaborative approach to care.

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Why Choose Us for ABA Therapy?

From the moment we connect with families, we strive to create an environment of collaboration, and an unwavering commitment to help them navigate this journey. At the centers, our team of experienced clinicians is trained to provide a responsive and adaptive approach, employing proven methods of ABA therapy tailored to each child’s individual needs. But beyond the science, beyond the data, is our dedication to make a meaningful, lasting impact on the lives of children and their families.


Follow-Ups in Under 24 Hours

We understand that early intervention is critical, and concerns are urgent. That’s why we commit to following up with families within 1 business day. 



Resources for Families

Our commitment is to a child’s well-being, first and foremost. If for some reason our services aren’t the right match, we will still provide families with valuable resources to guide them toward the best possible care.

Customized Treatment

Every child is unique, and so is our approach. We tailor our ABA therapy programs to suit the individual needs and personality of the child, making each session as effective as possible.

Feedback Loop

Our approach is based on continuous communication. By maintaining a robust feedback loop, we ensure that referring providers and parents are always informed, and treatment plans are consistently optimized

Parent Training

We believe in an active and collaborative partnership with parents. Our training incorporates the family’s culture and values, aligning our goals with theirs for the best outcome

Comprehensive Care

Beyond customized ABA therapy, we offer part-time social skills training and collaborate with Speech Therapy (ST), Occupational Therapy (OT), and Physical Therapy (PT) providers, ensuring a holistic approach to a child’s development.

Multilingual Intake Team

Our Intake team is not just dedicated but also linguistically diverse. We offer support in Spanish to ensure every family feels understood and catered to.

Expert Staffing & Development

Our team comprises well-trained professionals committed to lifelong learning and development. Their expertise ensures the best care for children while also fostering a nurturing environment for growth.

From Assessment to ABA

Comprehensive Care Options

The road to effective care for a child with autism often involves navigating a landscape of varied needs and challenges. It’s a journey that calls for specialized and individualized attention. At Behavioral Innovations, we’ve designed a variety of services to meet a child’s unique needs—whether it is in-center ABA therapy, after-school programs to boost social skills, or preparatory guidance while awaiting formal ABA therapy, we strive to create a safe and supportive environment that fosters growth and encourages each child to reach their individual goals.

Elevating ABA Therapy

The Strength of Our Clinical Network

At Behavioral Innovations our clinicians are not just providers; they’re pioneers in the field, community builders, and lifelong learners. Our comprehensive clinical network combines decades of experience with a commitment to ongoing education and innovation. Here, we outline the key facets of our clinical network that set us apart in delivering quality, impactful ABA therapy.

Over Two Decades of Trailblazing Expertise

The clinical network at Behavioral Innovations is led by seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience. Our founders aren’t just figures in the history books—they’re present in the hallways, continually guiding clinical advancements to serve families better.

Unified in Purpose, Diverse in Expertise

Our Community of Practice is a sustained collective of professionals passionately committed to making meaningful differences in the lives of children with autism and their families. Members are given opportunities to master new skills and deepen their understanding of ABA therapy’s evolving landscape, all while upholding its foundational principles.

Pioneering New Avenues of Care

Our Innovators Circle and Master Clinicians represent the apex of expertise and ingenuity within our clinical network. These individuals drive cutting-edge research and treatment modalities, setting the standard for what is possible in the field of ABA therapy.

Continued Skill Development

We offer company-provided Continuing Education Units (CEUs) that are data-driven and specialized. We bring in expert speakers to cover specific focus areas, offering nearly three times the number of CEU hours required by industry standards. Employees have additional opportunities to attend more sessions as needed.

Knowledge Sharing and Best Practices

Our clinicians emphasize continuous learning and sharing through weekly grand rounds, panel discussions, case presentations, and best-practice forums. These gatherings allow for the open exchange of insights and expertise, ensuring that every member of our team stays informed and equipped to provide optimal care.

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Clinician’s Corner

Welcome to our curated selection of resources on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy, designed specifically for physicians seeking to expand their knowledge in this field. Our team of experienced BCBAs have compiled a comprehensive suite of articles to provide you with a deep understanding of our work at Behavioral Innovations.

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