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Another View Of The HQ Outside

Behavioral Innovations Is Moving To A New Office!

Behavioral Innovations is proud to announce our new corporate headquarters! We are excited about the upcoming move to be completed later this year. Here are a few photos with more to come!

ABA Therapy & Early Intervention

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the leading treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

It is a scientific, evidence-based discipline that strives to understand and improve socially significant behaviors. ABA examines the interactions between people & their environment to determine the effects the environment has on a person’s behavior (the “why” a behavior occurs). Behavior Analysts systematically assess an individual’s behavior, develop objective goals and a reliable measurement system to monitor progress. In clinical practice, ABA is used to teach people with autism new skills, improve performance in already acquired skills & decrease unwanted and challenging behaviors.

Research has shown that with intensive ABA therapy, 90% of participants substantially improved, some even to normal intellectual functioning compared to the control group.1

1. Lovaas, O. Ivar. "Behavioral Treatment and Normal Educational and Intellectual Functioning in Young Autistic Children." Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, Vol. 55, No. 1, 3-9 (1987)

Evidence Based Practices

Center Based Therapy

Our autism treatment centers are designed to provide a welcoming learning environment where each child can grow and build their skills across a multitude of development areas.

Each center offers 1:1 and group learning opportunities so we are able to tailor our programs to each child’s unique needs while providing the frequency, oversight, and quality care our clients deserve and expect. We offer the ability to receive multiple therapy types with the ease of one location, allowing your child to receive a collaborative and comprehensive treatment model.

Ages 18 Months to around 10 Years

Full & Part-Time Options

1-On-1 & Small Group Sessions

Individualized Treatment Plans

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