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Excellence, Teamwork, and Compassionate Care

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The culture at Behavioral Innovations is based on excellence, teamwork, and compassionate care. Compassion and care extends not just to the kiddos we serve, but our team members who make it all happen. Behavioral Innovations is more than just clinical practice; it is a family united by one mission: clinically researched, family-centered, and collaborative ABA therapy. We aim to help children 10 years and younger unlock their full potential in a nurturing environment.

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Our Promise

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Our Mission

To provide client-centered, evidence-based behavioral therapy for children with autism in a nurturing learning environment.

Our Vision

A community in which all children achieve their full potential. We strive to be trusted by our clients, valued partners in the community, and creators of positive change.


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Our Values

  • Caring: Seeking first to listen and then to understand.
  • Accountable: Demonstrating an ownership mindset, regardless of role.
  • Collaborative: Together, everyone achieves more.
  • Family-Focused: Driving toward a common purpose with integrity and mutual respect.

An Inclusive Environment for All

Commitment to Equality

At Behavioral Innovations, our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion isn’t just a checkbox—it’s a fundamental part of who we are. We strive to provide opportunities and foster growth for everyone, embracing the unique perspectives that come from diverse backgrounds. Continually challenging ourselves to do better, we’ve created an inclusive work environment where every employee, from any walk of life, can feel safe and valued at every Behavioral Innovations location.

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Community Impact

Awareness & Acceptance

Our commitment to assisting families extends far beyond the confines of our centers. We actively collaborate with community groups and organizations to raise both awareness and acceptance of autism among families.

  • Autism Speaks Walk
  • Autism Community Store – Resource Fair
  • Autism Society Walk
  • Autism Vision of Colorado Events
  • Autism Vision of Colorado Carnival
  • Any Baby Can Walk for Autism
  • Kingston Knights Movie Event
  • Autism Society of Texas Events
  • Autism Awareness Festival & Equestrian Fair Weatherford

Center Celebrations

Where Hard Work Meets Celebration

We work hard and play harder! We encourage our centers to celebrate public holidays and personal milestones alike.

  • Autism Awareness Month
  • Black History Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Asian and Pacific Islander Month
  • ABA Appreciation Week
  • Fall Festival
  • Employee Recognition
  • Winter Fest
  • Sports Day

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