How An RBT Prepares For The Day

One of the first questions we hear from parents is: “Who will be working with my child?”

While all clients and their progress are closely monitored by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), our Registered Behavior Technicians (RBT) are the staff members who provide the daily, 1:1 therapy to our clients. To better understand an RBTs, let’s look at part of their daily work life.

Before I was a Clinical Operations Manager (COM) at BI, I was an RBT (and I still maintain this credential, so I can assist in therapy when needed.) As an RBT, one of the first things I do when walking into work each morning is prepare for the clients I will be seeing today.

Preparation includes ensuring all my materials are ready to go, but more importantly, I consider what kind of learner I will be seeing in a few short minutes. Does my friend need me to be silly and active? Is my friend more shy and need me to be quieter? Will I need to be ready with visual aids and guidance, or utilize gestures to help my friend learn? Answering these questions helps me to understand how I can help my client achieve their goals for the day.

Throughout the day as a therapist, we get the chance to have fun, play, and teach kids new skills! During each session we work on language development, motor skills, and social skills with our clients. Watching the clients grow day by day is a fulfilling experience that all RBTs enjoy.

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