ABA Toolkit

This toolkit published by Autism Speaks is an informational guide to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It is designed to provide you with a better understanding of ABA, how your child can benefit, and how you can seek services.

It starts by providing some definitions and descriptions of Applied Behavior Analysis. It then goes into more details about the different types of therapies that fall under the umbrella of ABA:

  • discrete trial learning (training)
  • incidental teaching (or natural environment training)
  • verbal behavior
  • pivotal response training
  • natural language paradigm (NLP)

After explaining each of these therapies, it talks about how ABA methods support persons diagnosed with Autism in a variety of ways and helps you decipher if ABA therapy will benefit your child. Then it goes on to give you an idea of what a strong ABA therapy program should look like which includes: supervision, training, programming, functional programming, data collection, family training and team meetings.

Figuring out the best therapy for your child and understanding what should be covered in therapy to make sure milestones are being accomplished, can be a draining process. We want to make that process as seamless as possible which is why we have an Admissions Coordinator who is dedicated to answering your questions and guiding you through each step.

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