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Early Learning Autism Therapy Provider to Open Center in Richardson

December 14, 2019
By: Gary Dodds

RICHARDSON, Texas, October 14, 2019 — The growing need to provide access to early autism services is increasing as more children are being diagnosed with autism than ever before. Behavioral Innovations, a leader in providing evidenced-based Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for children on the autism spectrum, has opened their newest center in Richardson on Monday, October 14th, 2019. This will mark Behavioral Innovations’ 34rd center opening across Texas and Oklahoma, making them one of the largest providers of center-based ABA therapy in the region. Their centers focus on providing a fun, interactive, naturalistic teaching environment to help every child reach their potential.  

Applied Behavior Analysis is the leading, evidenced-based intervention for individuals diagnosed with Autism. Behavioral Innovation’s focuses on Early Intervention, providing intensive ABA therapy to children on the Autism Spectrum. Behavioral Innovation is a center-based facility designed to promote developmental growth, improving skills across communication, social interactions, play, self-help and adaptive living skills, in conjunction with isolating maladaptive behaviors and replacing them with socially appropriate skills. Behavioral Innovations’ state-of-the-art facilities offer a fun, welcoming environment where children are able to “play” while individualized skill acquisition and behavior reduction goals are embedded within treatment. “You know that you did your job well when you embedded a dozen or so programs into playing with a child without them ever knowing that they were working”, said Nancy Scena, Richardson’s Clinical Director. 

The new therapy center will be led by Ms. Scena, who brings wonderful experience to the newly opened therapy center, having served in various settings throughout her career while working with many different types of behavioral disorders. Her experience with children on the Autism Spectrum will be the perfect fit for the new center and gives the families of Richardson a great resource as they learn more about ABA services and its benefits. “The greater North Dallas area has been wonderful to us thus far as we prepare to open our doors,” said Ms. Scena. “We understand the need for autism therapy services and feel as though we can potentially make a huge impact for families that are in various stages of their child’s journey.” Ms. Scena will be joined at the Richardson center by a wonderful and experienced staff that are just as eager to begin working with the families of Richardson and providing best-in-class service. 

Behavioral Innovations started almost 20 years ago when founders Lori Russo, Carla Edwards and Billy Edwards, armed with their master’s as Behavioral Analysts, saw a lack of services available to help children diagnosed with autism. They opened the first autism therapy ABA center in Dallas, Texas in 2003 and continued to expand. Behavioral Innovations now has over 30 therapy centers across Texas and Oklahoma, and still growing. As a result, their growing team includes passionate and dedicated personnel such as admissions, insurance, billing, operations and most importantly, a highly skilled clinical staff. 

The new Richardson center is enrolling clients now. The center will be located at 189 North Plano Road, Suite 100 in Richardson, Texas. For more information, or to connect with the Richardson therapy center, please call (855) 782-7822.