Gabrielle Mancuso

Gabrielle Mancuso

Clinical Director

Gabrielle has been in the field of ABA for past 6 years, in a variety of positions.

She started as a direct line therapist/RBT and worked as a program manager prior to receiving her BCBA certification. She has worked in several different capacities as a BCBA in home, clinic setting, and staff training. Gabrielle was able to utilize ABA principles in her previous experience, having worked as a contracted school consultant across several districts and states. She also worked directly with children in the school districts on conducting Functional Behavior Assessments and creating/implementing behavior intervention plans to transition into a least restrictive setting. She is excited about her role at BI, as it presents her with an opportunity to help create a positive culture for her staff and clients. Additionally, BI’s core values align very closely with her beliefs of making care, accountability, collaborative, and family-focused a driving factor in providing quality services.

Gabrielle has always admired the resolve that kiddos on the spectrum show to accomplish tasks that a lot of us take for granted. She is constantly inspired by the daily small victories as it serves as reminder to appreciate the journey, not just the destination.

Gabrielle loves spending time with family and friends, enjoying the outdoors, doing puzzles, and playing pickleball.


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