Amanda Lisberger

Amanda Lisberger

Clinical Director/BCBA

Amanda is the Clinical Director at our Pflugerville ABA therapy center.

She graduated with an M.Ed. in Autism and Developmental Disabilities (2015-2016) from The University of Texas at Austin. She started as an RBT and worked her way through the ABA field.

Amanda was Director of Education and co-founder at a non-profit homeschool (2020-2021) and helped open and develop a student-specific curriculum that benefited children who have different and unique learning needs and styles. Simultaneously, she was also a Clinical Supervisor/BCBA (2017-2021) gaining valuable experience in community and clinic settings. Amanda chose to come to BI because of the culture and values of the company and to help provide services to those in the community.

On weekends you can usually find Amanda playing semi-Professional soccer or participating in triathlons ranging from a sprint all the way to a Half Ironman. She also loves hanging out with her cats (Loki and Bandit).


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