ABA Center Features

We understand the importance of the environment when teaching, maintaining, and generalizing skills for children with autism. The environment is a critical piece to successful learning.

Our ABA therapy centers were designed to create a space that meets our high standards and can be tailored to your child's unique needs and treatment plans. Each of our therapy rooms is standardized so teaching can be individualized for each child.

We worked with clinicians and architects to build a safe, secure, and welcoming place for children and their families. Our therapy room allows for teaching to occur either in a room full of distractions or in a room void of distractions. Children are encouraged to engage in learning opportunities individually or with a peer, using technology and toys that vary in age appropriateness, so learning can occur even when it feels like play.

Safety is key in each of our therapy rooms. Cleaning supplies are stocked under lock and key but easily accessible to staff for regular sanitization.

Most of our ABA Centers Feature: 

  • Client Lockers
  • Clinical Staff-BACB certified
  • Dedicated Parent Drop-off Zone
  • Direct Suite Access
  • Gross Motor Sensory Room
  • Kitchen and Client Dining Area
  • Outdoor Play Space
  • Parent Observation Room
  • Secured Child Treatment Area
  • Spacious Therapy Rooms
Thumbs up and stars

“Absolutely the best place! Grateful every day for this center!”

Sandra, Oct 2022