Social Skills Program for Children With Autism

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"Beyond the Bell" is an ABA after-school program that empowers your child with crucial social skills, enhances school readiness, and offers a supportive community setting.

A Behavioral Innovations - ABA Therapy for Kids with Autism initiative, this program is specifically designed to cultivate meaningful peer connections and encourage successful relationships for school-aged children. With an integrated approach that combines evidence-based strategies, individualized care, and research-backed techniques, "Beyond The Bell" is an invaluable resource for parents and their children to foster strong social and emotional development. It's not just about staying busy after school; it's about giving your child the tools to navigate the world confidently and build enduring friendships.

An Integrated Center-based & Part-time Social Skills Program

We developed this initiative as a holistic strategy that focuses on strengthening social skills and practicing them in a secure, nurturing environment. In addition to interpersonal communication, social initiation, awareness, and emotional regulation, "Beyond the Bell" encompasses several key areas. As a company dedicated to making social skills accessible, achievable, and enjoyable, we break them down into manageable, short-term goals such as complimenting peers, understanding likes and dislikes, participating in games, or determining the cause of emotion.

"Our program focuses on the skills our clients need to establish lasting friendships. It has been exciting to watch our clients progress in such a short period of time! This is such a fun and engaging program, and I am looking forward to all the skills and friendships that will result from it!” says Molly Adams, Director of Clinical Operations.

Emphasis of Parent Participation

Through individual and group collaboration meetings, "Beyond The Bell" also provides parents with the opportunity to participate. These meetings serve as a means of reviewing a child's progress. The program is built upon a robust foundation of parent training. It provides caregivers with the tools and knowledge to extend these skills at home and in the community, fostering consistent growth and development. For instance, parents and caregivers are given strategies to support their children in managing difficult emotions, developing problem-solving skills, and practicing positive communication. Parents can also establish a supportive community with other caregivers through the group caregiver collaboration program.

The Ideal Candidate for Social Skills Training

This part-time after-school program is ideal for children starting from age 5 particularly those transitioning from early intensive services to more focused ABA services. "Beyond The Bell" could be a perfect fit for your child if they are capable of learning in a group setting and ready for this transition. It could help ease the transition for children, providing them with the necessary support and structure to continue to learn and grow. The program aims to increase social skills and generalize them in a group setting. In addition to fostering abilities such as approaching peers, engaging in group learning, and building friendships, "Beyond The Bell" also prepares your child for school, laying the foundation for confident social interactions and meaningful friendships.