Our story began with three friends who were determined to provide quality ABA therapy services to underserved families in Dallas-Fort Worth.

When Billy Edwards, Carla Edwards, and Lori Russo graduated as one of the country’s first Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), they knew that if they had to make a difference in the lives of children with autism, they had to act fast. This led to the creation of DFW’s first office-based ABA consultation in 2000 with an expansion to a site-based treatment program in 2003.

Since then, Behavioral Innovations has opened its doors at over 70 locations across the states of Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Our founders’ vision continues to drive the core values at Behavioral Innovations as we continue to grow and innovate in our purpose of making a difference – not just for the families we serve, but also for our team members who are at the forefront of this change.

“Years ago, when conceptualizing the creation of Behavioral Innovations, it is undeniable our passion was to set out on a journey that would change the lives of as many children as we could reach.  However, what is often not discussed is an equal passion for creating a workplace where BCBAs, behavior therapists, and administrative staff could grow, thrive, and have a kindred community of support.  Our dream was to create a workplace in which the principles of our science would be held in high regard so that happy learning would not only be a reality for our clients but for our staff as well.”

Carla Edwards, Chief Clinical Officer

Our History

A timeline of our inception and expansion.


The Beginning

Pioneered Dallas' first office-based consultation services.


The First Center

Expanded services to include the first center-based autism treatment program.


The Investment

Received significant infrastructure and foundational support from partners to drive expansion to a 13th location.


The Expansion

Opened the first center outside of Texas in Norman, OK


The Next Gen

Continued to drive expansion throughout the southwest.


New Beginning

Opened the first location in Colorado.

BCBA Spotlight

Regine Booth
Clinical Director

"I love the moment when I first connect with a child knowing that I am officially 'in their circle.'"

Christina Collier
Sr. Director of Clinical Services

"When I started working at BI I was excited to get to see the world through each child's eyes and to get to watch them learn and grow every day."

Haley Stuart
Sr. Director of Clinical Services

"I feel so lucky to be surrounded by a community of clinicians and professionals that strive to provide the best clinical quality and care to our families every day."

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