Top Autism Blogs of 2021

If you are a parent raising a child with autism or an adult living life with autism, helpful resources are available to you and your families.

Below is a quick summary of informative blogs that provide perspective and education from individuals with a diagnosis of autism, or those living with a loved one diagnosed with autism.

Alicia Trautwein’s “The Mom Kind.”

A fascinating blog is written by Alicia Trautwein “The Mom Kind.” Her goal is to assist parents by sharing her expertise in parenting children with autism and how certain life events can impact them. In one of her blogs, “Autism and Divorce: Dispelling Popular Myths,” she discusses autism and divorce. She tackles the issue of questioning if divorce affects a child’s development, as well as autism and divorce rates. Some of her other blogs explain how to create a better home environment for children with autism and how 3D printing might help them to thrive.

The Autism Dad by Rob Growski

Rob Growksi is a dedicated Dad raising three sons who are diagnosed with ASD. He provides brief and direct descriptions regarding a day in his life with his three sons. He admits he is unapologetically direct about the many difficulties he faces daily. Aside from his impressive blogs, you can also learn from his podcasts.

Autism Viewed from Different Points of View

The Journey Through Autism

Ethan Hirschberg, diagnosed with ‘high-functioning’ autism at the age of two, also offers awesome blogs at “The Journey Through Autism.” Young Ethan, explains what it’s like living with autism. One of his blogs, on speech and language, offers an in-depth look at what he believes a child can do as opposed to what they cannot do. He emphasizes what he thinks therapy should focus on in the high school years. In another of his very personal blogs, he discusses his bouts with depression. Ethan’s blogs can be highly effective in suggesting ways you might deal with various problems you face as you are learning from a young man living bravely with autism.

Hi Blog! I’m Dad

James Guttman is a survivor, to say the least. He survived a quintuple bypass. Guttman is a writer and the parent of a child with autism. His blog is geared towards increasing autism awareness as well as providing advocacy efforts. He also includes blogs on self-care guidance for physical and mental health. Guttman describes his two children as follows: “one non-verbal with autism and one non-stop verbal with attitude.” When you begin reading his website you will immediately be struck by his sense of humor. In his introduction, he says he would choose his special needs child over any other, “just because someone has the ability to say words, doesn’t mean they should always be speaking.” In his dozens and dozens of blogs, he covers subjects that are very dear to so many parents raising a child with autism. For example, “What if they’re mean to my child?” Don’t we all ask that question? Doesn’t it cause us to worry? Another delightful blog is “Send your kid to school. Or don’t.” This is a question we all ask ourselves. It involves so many questions and we need the answers!

Blogs Offer Fantastic Insight into the World of Autism

The Autism Cafe

“The Autism Cafe” has a tremendous amount of insight into the world of autism. The blog is written by Eileen Lamb. Not only was Lamb diagnosed with autism as an adult, but she also has a son on the autism spectrum. One of her brilliant openings in her blog is “flappy hands, happy hearts.” She provides information on raising a child with autism as well as what it is like to be an adult on the spectrum. Her book, “All Across the Spectrum,” is available to purchase. Her blogs include a fascinating read about the “Texas Snowpocalypse 2021” which details the scary week her family shared without heat or electricity in Texas. She also writes about deciding on vaccinating a child against COVID-19 – something that is weighing heavily on many parents’ minds. If you visit her blog, you will quickly discover she has something to share with everyone.

Autistic and Unapologetic

Have you ever wondered why people with autism love certain things, like trains? If so, read James Sinclair’s blog, “Autistic and Unapologetic” (also known as A&U) and you will find the answer. His blog is geared toward his journey to find out what makes him autistic. In his quest for deeper knowledge, his blogs will take you on some interesting journeys. You will enjoy reading, “Why Santa is Autistic (And Why It Matters),” as well as “Is Autism a Mental Health Condition? What is the Difference?” Or you will enjoy and learn some valuable information by reading, “Autism & Alcohol: The Effects of Drinking on the Spectrum.” There is no doubt that A&U takes a different approach in its autism blogs, but it is guaranteed there is something for everyone to read.

Purple Ella Autism & Disability

Last, but certainly not least are the blogs by Purple Ella on her blog site, “Purple Ella Autism & Disability” Purple Ella is a mother. Unlike some of the other sites, she also offers videos about her life with autism. She also shares her insight regarding ADHD, and chronic illness (hEDS). Purple Ella lives with her husband, Mr. Purple along with their three children, Katsu their cat, and Coco, their dog assistant. In one of her videos, “Is Autism A Disability” she answers the question. However, she emphasizes that she is talking about equality and disability law. She also shares her thoughts on whether autism is a disability on a personal level. Other videos, such as “The Social Model of Disability,” and “Disability at Disneyland Paris,” as well as “Five Ways to Support Autistic People,” can all be seen on YouTube. Some of her blogs include “Service Dog Update,” “Autism & ADHD Strengths,” and Autistic Burnout.” Ella has a lot to say and, no doubt, you will want to listen.

If you are a parent of a child with autism or are on the spectrum yourself, or if you simply want to enjoy the many wonderfully written blogs , the comprehensive list of blogs about autism can be found on Healthline.

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