Emily Rose-Gray

Emily Rose-Gray


Emily obtained her masters in applied behavior analysis from Ball State University and graduated December 2020.

Prior to Ball State, she received a bachelors in psychology from Lake Erie College. Emily has worked in the field of ABA and autism for 10 years. She began as an ABA therapist in 2012 and then taught special education and a high behavior fourth grade class in South Florida. Emily also worked as an RBT prior to passing her BCBA exam in February 2021.

Emily grew up in an extremely small town in Michigan where she became close friends with her neighbor who had autism. The small town did not understand the diagnosis, which motivated Emily to make an impact in lives of those with autism. The progress that is made day in and day out is what she finds to be most inspiring. She truly admires her mom for everything she has done for Emily and her brother and the best piece of advice that she has received in the past is to do everything with kindness because one never knows what someone is going through.

Emily decided to join Behavioral Innovations because she loved the focus on parent education and collaboration with all stakeholders.

Outside of work Emily loves to go on hikes, take camping trips, and travel with her boyfriend of 8 years and their rescue dog, Cooper! She enjoys exploring new areas, reading books, working out, and binge watching Ghost Adventures! The small town Emily grew up in is closer to Canada than any other city in Michigan or the United States. Growing up, she used to take the ferry across the river to a town in Canada almost weekly for poutine, butter tarts, fries with malt vinegar and shopping!


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