Christina Parker

Christina Parker

Clinical Director

Christina comes to Behavioral Innovations with extensive experience in the ABA field, having provided both center-based and in-home ABA therapy prior to joining the company.

Christina has been in the ABA therapy field for 13 years providing therapy in various settings including residential and day program treatments for adults, school and home treatment, in-clinic therapy, and community therapy. She became a BCaBA in 2014 and began working closely with kids ages 2 to 18 in a clinical setting. In 2018, she became a BCBA, and in 2022, she started her journey with Behavioral Innovations.

She joined Behavioral Innovations because she believes in the company’s values: caring, accountability, collaboration, and family focused. Every day she strives to help meet the child and family’s needs to help them live happy and fulfilling lives.

What is unique about Christina is her passion for teaching, which has directly impacted the kids that she’s worked with, in a positive way. She loves implementing desensitization programs that help make community events and appointments fun for the kids and their families, which in turn, increases their quality of life.

In her spare time, if she is not venturing off on a cruise or travel adventure, Christina enjoys staying creative by knitting, crocheting, coloring, and singing. Zilla (short for Godzilla), the cutest Chiweenie, keeps her company and her current challenge is to try to keep her succulents alive.


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