Anastasia Palumbo

Anastasia Palumbo

Clinical Director

Anastasia Palumbo earned her master’s degree from Ball State University in Special Education and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2019.

Her work at Behavioral Innovations – ABA Therapy for Kids with Autism gives her the opportunity to make an impact on kids by writing creative, functional, and adaptive goals to facilitate future success in their learning environments.

Anastasia is an adventurer with Italy being her favorite spot to visit. She loves the Italian culture so much that she even received one of her undergraduate degrees in Italian! She unwinds on a weekend by watching reruns of Friends.

When she is not working, she explores the outdoors hiking, camping, boating, or even UTV-ing! Anastasia enjoys listening to true crime podcasts, with Sword and Scale being her favorite.


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