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Boulder, CO ABA therapy Center

ABA Therapy for Autism in Boulder

Our state-of-the-art autism treatment center located in northeast Boulder offers specialized ABA therapy for autism and diagnostic assessment services to children and their families. Our experienced and dedicated team of Board-Certified Behavior Analysts® (BCBA®) and Registered Behavior Technicians™ provide compassionate and tailor-made treatment options for your child.

We understand that finding the right autism clinic for your child’s needs can be overwhelming, which is why we prioritize creating a welcoming and supportive environment for all our patients. Our team is committed to helping your child reach their full potential through evidence-based autism treatment.

At our ABA clinic in Boulder, we accept most major insurance plans, including Tricare, Aetna, and Blue Cross Blue Shield. This means you can rest easy knowing that your child will receive the best care possible.

Contact us today to learn more about our ABA therapy for autism and how our team can support your child’s journey towards achieving their goals.

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Autism Diagnostic Support in Boulder

Timely diagnosis is essential for accessing the right support and resources tailored to your child’s unique needs. If you need an autism evaluation for your child under 10 years of age, contact us today. Our dedicated team of skilled professionals is committed to offering comprehensive assessments in Boulder and tailored support for every child and family.

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After-School ABA Program in Boulder

Our after-school autism social skills program – Beyond the Bell – is dedicated to encouraging interaction and developing essential social competencies in children with autism in a supportive, engaging environment. We work with each child to promote self-confidence, social engagement, and mutual understanding.

Autism can significantly affect social skills, which is why our experienced team harnesses the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) to create individualized learning plans. Our commitment is to not only teach social skills to children with autism but also to provide a platform where they can practice these skills in real-time, allowing for faster and more effective learning.

Join the best after-school program for autism near you in Boulder.

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Hear From Our Families

The staff at Behavioral Innovations is simply the best. There are so many different personalities amongst the staff, but they come together with the same goal in mind – to make the children they serve the best they can possibly be – and they succeed! Don’t know what we would do without them!

Cheryl W April, 2024

Behavioral Innovations is awesome with my son! Highly recommend! They are really invested in his growth and development.

Ashley L April, 2024

I feel at peace knowing my son is safe. He is nonverbal, and one of my fears someone would hurt him, and I wouldn’t know because he can’t communicate. However, he is in good hands and making progress.

Nicole P April, 2024

Great place for Therapy. My daughter has improved so much. Very professional and sweet people. Thank you so much for your hard work and all you do for our special kids.

Yolanda G April, 2024

I must say I am really glad I came across BI. Right from the day I called to make inquiries about their services, they constantly kept in touch throughout the diagnosis and evaluation process for my daughter till she was finally enrolled in therapy. Their facility is very conducive, the therapists are very friendly and professional. I must add that my daughter has already started showing signs of improvement since she enrolled a few weeks ago. I am really excited and looking forward to the future with positivity. Thank you, BI for all you do.

Elvis N April, 2024

My son is attending this center for more than a year ago. Everyday is challenge, but the care and attention they give to our kid by far exceeds any of my expectations. All the staff is amazing. All the parents and their peers are such are kind people. In the another hand our son is having a huge improvement in his development and is getting more sociable. Always all the staff is in active communication and attending any concern regarding with my kid. A plus is the staff is smiling a positive. Thank you BI, for your professionalism.

Marcela April, 2024

Very hands on and transparent! Recommend to anyone.

Dejvid S April, 2024

My son really enjoys going to therapy at BI, seeing his happy face every time I go to pick him up confirms that we are in the right place, because I have also seen important changes in his behavior.

Azucena. I March, 2024

Very well pleased, They are very helpful on making life better for the child and parents.

Cecilia. S March, 2024

My daughter has been receiving services for a little over 3 months now, and we are just blown away by the amount of progress she has made thanks to such wonderful therapists. They really take the time to get to know the kids and build a strong relationship with them. I could not be more pleased with enrolling my little girl into ABA with Behavioral Innovations.

Haley. F March, 2024

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Your search for compassionate and dedicated ABA therapy in Boulder, CO is over.  Our ABA center and autism clinic in northeast Boulder is ready to help your child achieve goals and become more confident.  Learn more about our comprehensive autism treatments when you contact an intake advocate today.

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