Early Intervention (ABA)

Early Intervention is the Key to Success! BI's Treatment Facilities are located across the state of Texas.

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Education Services

Partnering with local school districts & regions is invaluable! BI's team welcomes partnerships & the collaborative model.

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Adult Services

Support for Adults is essential. BI's staff has the benefit of partnering with agencies throughout the State to provide these services.

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Speech Therapy

Everyone needs a voice to connect them to the world. Our mission is to give every child at BI their voice.

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    Behavioral Innovations is a superior provider of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to families of children with Autism and other developmental disorders throughout Texas. Our approach to therapy is not to teach a child everything they should know but rather to teach them how to learn. In every case, we can show documented improvement in learning across every client. If a client seeks our intensive intervention services to address skill deficits, we see skills enhanced. If a client seeks our services to address behavioral challenges, we see those challenges dissipate and the situation improved. We offer full and part time center-based day programs, in-home therapy programs, consultative services and assessments. Established in March of 2000, BI was one of the first Behavior Analytic Treatment Facilities and the first to establish an onsite office model for consultative services in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We are one of the largest private employers of Board Certified Behavior Analysts in the state of Texas and fastest growing providers of high quality behavioral services in the country!