Romina K Ilunga

Romina K Ilunga

MA, BCBA, Senior Clinical Director

Romina is a highly experienced BCBA with a career spanning over 14 years.

Throughout her career, she has worked with individuals of all ages and abilities, ranging from ASD, IDD, substance abuse-related disorders, Down’s Syndrome, CP, and PMG. Romina is particularly skilled in conducting Precision Teaching to help children build fluency within their academic repertoires, parent training, and behavior therapist training. She has also created training modules and provided behavioral services in LAUSD schools.

Romina is passionate about working directly with early learners to develop and expand their verbal repertoire using both natural environment, interspersed trials, and discrete trials teaching. She has also worked with adolescents and adults, developing sexual education, vocational and functional living skills, as well as working with individuals on developing complex replacement behaviors for habitual and obsessive behaviors.

Romina is well-versed in various assessments tools such as FBA, VBMAPP, Vineland, AFLS, ABLLS-R, EEI Denver model, and PDDBI. She has also conducted a master’s thesis titled “The Effects of Supervisor’s Written Feedback on Treatment Integrity and Problem Behaviors,” which she completed successfully.

With her vast experience and expertise, Romina is dedicated to helping individuals of all ages and abilities achieve their full potential.


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