Juliet Flores, Center Administrator

Juliet comes to BI with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Healthcare Management, having graduated in 2015.

Juliet has over 23 years of success in contributing to the healthcare community, having worked with children and adults with special needs. Juliet brings great hands-on nursing experience in Developmental Pediatrics and Family Practice, having served various roles that have aided her career in many different aspects that will make her a valuable member of our Dominion team. Juliet is looking forward to developing and implementing new processes that allows her center to function more efficiently for the improvement of quality care!

Juliet has some family and friends who have children diagnosed with Autism. She says the love and strength their parents provide is an inspirational aspect of why she chose to work in this field. Juliet wanted to contribute to raising awareness and educating her community through case management and volunteer work.

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